Closet Raid: Carey Mulligan in An Education

With fall in full swing, I’m finding that most of my outfits these days are dominated by prep school elements like sweaters over crisp collars and a healthy dose of knee socks.  It’s no surprise, then, that I’ve found myself drawn to Carey Mulligan’s costumes as Jenny Mellor in An Education.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but her outfits–both pre-and post-education–have stuck with me all this time.  Though there’s a distinct difference between her school-days outfits and her mid-century glamour girl ensembles, they’re both well-structured, simply elegant, and undeniably chic.  Oh, and lest I forget, let’s take a moment to admire her fabulous ’60s hair, all right?

Which is your favorite look?  I’d love to know!

Outfit: Wednesday, Break My Heart

Here’s the thing about Halloween: I am simply too lazy to do much about it.  Sure, I like going to parties and eating enough candy to make myself sick for days, but I’m not really one to decorate or host anything myself.  And for a style blogger, well, I’m not much of a costume kinda girl.

For the past few years, I’ve been shopping my closet for Halloween costumes.  Once I was an old timey aviatrix, with a felt cloche, red scarf, and leather boots, and last year I was a French man, pencil mustache and all.  This year is no exception.  I’ve had this dress for a long time and always thought it seemed a little on the funeral side, so my choice to be Wednesday Addams was a no-brainer.  All I had to do was slip my favorite spiky-collared blouse underneath, pull on some knee socks, and braid two little pigtails, and presto!  Easy peasy Halloween costume.

I thought about where to shoot for a long time.  My first choice was to take my pictures in a graveyard, but something about that seemed disrespectful, so I decided instead to shoot in my own apartment building!  It was a bit of a challenge for me since the lighting wasn’t great and there are a lot of tight spaces, but I love the overall feel of these pictures.

So what about youse–are you going all out for Halloween, or are you going a more relaxed route?  And what are you going to be??

Top: old, Urban Outfitters

Dress: old, ModCloth

Socks: old, Forever 21

Boots: old, ModCloth

Outfit: Her My Oh Knee

In case you’ve ever wondered what my favorite sweater looks like, here it is.  Most people go ahead and guess that it’s an homage to Harry Potter, and while it certainly is, there’s a lot more to this collegiate-esque cardigan than meets the eye.

I grew up, like lots of other kids, tearing into each new volume of the Harry Potter series.  My parents brought me to book release parties and even got into the books themselves (well, my dad, anyway).  I spent many a summer diving back into the stories, and to this day, if I so much as read a line, I’ve got to get through every book once again.

When I got older and went to college, my friend had the idea to start a Quidditch team, and I served as vice president (and eventually president) of the organization.  The club was nothing to sneeze at; apart from having a decent showing our first year, the games were intense and passionate and rife with drama.  Those were some of the best times I had in college.

To commemorate my love for HP and Quidditch (and to represent my school’s colors), I bought this sweater during my senior year.  And I will love this thing until it’s in tatters.  Every time I wear it, every time someone asks me if it’s a Harry Potter sweater, I get the warmest warm fuzzies you can possibly imagine.

Any Potter fans out there?  (Besides Mona, of course!! 🙂  Girl, I know you’re a bigger fan than I am!!)

Sweater: old, Urban Outfitters

Tee: thrifted

Necklace: old, ModCloth

Jeans: old, Stitch Fix

Socks: gift

Shoes: ModCloth

Closet Raid: Kelsey Bang

I love the idea of a couple’s style blog.  Whenever I see one, I give a little sigh and spend some time thinking about how sweet it is for two people to share a passion for style blogging.  I wish I could be so lucky and end up with a guy who enjoys wearing and talking about clothes as much as I do.  Perhaps he’s out there!  A girl can dream.

In the meantime, I’m living vicariously through Kelsey Bang, which features husband-and-wife duo Jake and Kelsey.  Their outfits are always coordinated but never matchy-matchy, and they somehow manage to be adorable but not to the point where I’d want to puke.  I love checking their blog to discover their latest travel and food adventures, and I always have to stop to admire the photos, which they take by themselves.

Anyway, you can find more pictures and posts right here.  Give them a look!

Outfit: Pouring My Purse in the Dirt

Every now and then, I start getting a vague sense of restlessness. I’ve got to do something–anything–that has a little bit of drama, something that can be noticed.  Most often, it’s my hair–I’ll cut it short or maybe change the color.  But since I’m happy with my long blonde locks, that’s not an option right now.  I would love to adopt another dog, but my building wouldn’t allow it.  Should I take up knitting?  Should I join the circus?

To be honest, there are two things that I really want to do, neither of which are all that prudent to disclose on my blog.  Suffice it say that both of them are terrifying but exhilarating and could have some pretty nice payoffs.  Both of them require me stepping–or leaping, rather–out of my comfort zone.  Both carry the potential for losing friends but one opens the door to make new ones.  Anyway, I realize I’m speaking in riddles, so if you really want to know what they are, please email me at

I’m going to leave this post at that.  I could write more, but it would be even more rambly and nonsensical, so I’ll spare you.  In fact, let me turn it over to you–do you ever get that way, where you feel restless and need to do something new?  If so, what usually helps?

Sweater: old, Stitch Fix

Top: old, Stitch Fix

Jeans: Gap

Boots: old, Dolce Vita

Bag: old, ModCloth

Outfit: GMF

Okay, youse–I’m back.  No more reruns for another three months or so.  To tell you the truth, I quite missed working on this blog!  There would be times during my week off that I’d want to go and start something or stage a shoot, but I knew I needed a rest.  It makes me love Mox and Socks that much more.

Anyway, I took these pictures before my break, so a couple of weeks ago, but I still remember the shoot with bitter clarity.  Now that the colors are changing, I wanted to go to this park nearby that has a patch of marshland with a wooden bridge across it.  Very picturesque, which is why a huge band of high schoolers chose it as their spot to take homecoming pictures.  Disgruntled but not discouraged, I toted my gear down a ways and came to a rustic bit of fence off on the perimeter of the park, but even there, I didn’t get a lot of peace.  Some kind of faith healing event was going on and I found it very difficult to concentrate, especially when children started coming up to me with brochures and pamphlets about healing my life.  Not really my thing.  I was lucky to even get the few decent shots I’m sharing today before I scuttled back to my car and drove home.

Such is the glamorous life of a style blogger.  Mmhmm.