Closet Raid: Klara of The Robot That Had a Heart

A few months ago, I stumbled upon Klara’s fairy tale-esque Instagram feed, and she quickly became one of my biggest inspirations.  She has a gift for telling stories through her photos and drawing you into their narratives.  Part of this has to do with her expert photography–she takes many of her own photos–but there is also a special quality to them that I can’t put a name to!

Of course, not only does she create beautiful images, but her style is impeccable.  I love the feminine silhouettes and strong echoes of the past as well as the soft, pretty colors that are found in each outfit.  On top of that, many of her clothes are handmade, so how’s that for talent?!

As I continue to learn the ropes of photography and style blogging, I often refer back to her blog for ideas.  Or, you know, if I want to forget about the mundane world of industrial supplies and suburbs!  If you’d like to check out more, please visit Klara’s blog, The Robot That Had a Heart.


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