Outfit: Coyness is Nice

On the day I took these pictures, the weather was nothing short of delightful and lovely and perfect.  The air was crisp and cool, and when I came home, I made myself a hot cup of tea.  My hands hugged the cup and I inhaled the aroma of spicy chai.  Autumn had arrived!  The season of crimson and gold leaves, of pumpkin pie, of Hallowe’en, was here!

But alas, this is Chicago, so of course it’s practically 100 degrees again.  Boo.

In any case, I’m still glad we had a tease of fall.  Good weather for maxi dresses and denim jackets, isn’t it?  I’m in love with this dress that I got part of a Stitch Fix last year.  It took me almost a year to go to the tailor and get it hemmed, and I wish I had done it sooner!  I really like the drawstring waistline, and the fabric is soft and not all that clingy.  As for the jacket, I’m probably going to wear it to rags someday soon.  Oh well!

Speaking of denim jackets, I’m planning to do a shoot with a friend of mine who is essentially my denim guru.  Having taking almost exclusively pictures of myself, I really wanted to get some practice on someone else, and he was the first person I thought of.  Expect to see those coming up around the end of the month!

Necklace: gift

Jacket: old, H&M

Dress: old, Stitch Fix

Shoes: ModCloth


8 thoughts on “Outfit: Coyness is Nice

    1. Now is a really good time to get one! I’ve noticed a lot are on sale this time of year, and they’re pretty easy to transition into fall!


  1. You look so beautiful in these photos! The colours of that dress looks amazing on you. And I love your hair in the photos – beautiful and simple style. Also, that necklace is so lovely.
    The styling is spot on with this outfit.
    Looking forward to seeing the photos from the future shoot.
    Much love


    1. Thank you! I got the idea for my hair from a style on Larkspur Vintage, before Alex cut her hair (and to be honest, she looks so cute with her new style that I’m considering a little cut, myself!).


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