Pretty Please: K. Hall Earl Grey Candle

earl grey candle

Every day, a few minutes after 1, I join my friends for lunch in the cafeteria at work.  There, we swap stories, vent our righteous indignation, and discuss social issues, like bath bombs for men.  (It’s a thing.  They’re called man grenades.)  At precisely 1:30, I get up for my daily serving of tea: a small cup of Earl Grey with a splash of vanilla cream.

There are few scents more comforting to me than this one, so when I saw this Earl Grey candle at a nearby boutique, I put it at the top of my list.  When I opened the lid, I fell in love immediately.  That combination of bergamot, sugar, and cream soothes me like nothing else.  In fact, a dear friend of mine gifted me a bar of Earl Grey soap (also by K. Hall), and I can’t bear to use it.  I keep it on the sink in my bathroom, and every time I open the door, I let that scent envelop me.

I’ve been very good about saving money lately, but I think it’s time for this little treat.  I’m looking forward to spending some long evenings reading, with hints of Earl Grey wafting through the apartment now and then.

You can find this particular candle here.

What about you?  What’s your favorite scent?


4 thoughts on “Pretty Please: K. Hall Earl Grey Candle

    1. I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it, but I looked it up, and it sounds like perfection! Definitely going to order one the next time I visit a coffee shop!


  1. I love the packaging design of the candle! The bird illustration is darling. As for favorite scents, I like complex fruity scents, like the Volcano candle you can get at Anthropologie…and sometimes I like food-scented candles, but that can get annoying because then I want sugar cookies or whatever candle scent is burning, hehe.


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