Outfit: Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies

It’s been on my list for some time to shoot at the downtown area of my new town, and I finally had the chance last week to do it.  I’m trying to rearrange my shooting schedule so that I can take pictures during slower times (Monday night!  Saturday morning!), which means being able to take pictures in a popular place like this without too much distraction.

Back when I was apartment hunting, I remember really wanting to live right here.  I love those cobblestones and all the lights strung out across the streets!  Thankfully, I ended up living only a few blocks from here, so at least it’s no trouble to take a quick stroll.

Speaking of schedules and shooting and busyness, I was thinking about how I do so much now that I don’t know myself quite as well as I used to.  All during high school and college, I kept a journal on an impressively consistent basis.  I’d write down everything that was bothering me or was exciting or that I was nervous about, and I’d analyze my feelings on every subject with great detail.  Sometimes I’d write poems or do little character vignettes, but after I started my grown-up job, all of that stopped abruptly.

I became so wrapped up in the whirl of adulthood–of moving out, cooking, going out, dating, raising a puppy, all those small things–that I stopped trying to figure myself out.  In my last post, I mentioned that I was taken aback upon realizing I’m lonely, but if this move had happened five years ago, I’d have known this was going to be a possibility.  Unlike my younger days, my feelings sometimes confuse me because I don’t have the time to think them through.

This blog is a good creative outlet for me, but it’s not exactly the place for me to explore my innermost feelings.  From now on, I want to get back on track and try to write a little bit more, privately.  With everything that’s going on right now, understanding myself is really important.  Maybe I can start discovering where I’m headed.

Top: thrifted

Belt: ModCloth

Skirt: old, ModCloth

Shoes: old, Seychelles


11 thoughts on “Outfit: Beneath the Blue Suburban Skies

  1. That’s early adulthood for you! Such a confusing time, you’re definitely not alone in feeling like that. I had to “rediscover” myself a year or so ago… I’m sure things will be fine once you settle in. And it’s a very good idea writing!
    On another note, you look so lovely in these photos. The skirt is beautiful and you wear it gorgeously.


    1. It’s good to know I’m not alone. If I may ask, how did you go about rediscovering yourself? And thank for the compliment! That skirt is one of my favorites 🙂


      1. Oh I’m still in the process of rediscovering myself. It’s probably a never ending process. I was actually quite sick about a year ago, my OCD and anxiety was the highest it’s ever been, and then followed the depression. I was completely lost. I couldn’t find purpose for anything. I took time off work, actually I was on sick leave for a couple of months… That helped. My sole focus was myself for that time. I wrote a lot, about feelings and thoughts. And I tried to immerse myself in new (and old) hobbies. I didn’t know which kind of adult I wanted to be, but it sort of just settled itself once I decided to focus on myself. I eliminated bad relationships, and tried to fill my time with the people I love that also love me. I think in order to rediscover yourself you have to peel away everything but the very core of yourself, and then rebuild it all. Does that even make sense? I hardly understand what I’m saying myself 😛 You’re more than welcome to send me an email if you want to talk some more about this! 😉
        Much love!


  2. I’ve recently started keeping a journal, too…and it has helped sort through my thoughts big time. There’s something very therapeutic about writing feelings, goals, etc. on paper…and knowing that you’re the only one who will ever read them.

    And love this shooting location! It’s gorgeous. And your skirt is absolutely breathtaking…it looks like a perfect twirling skirt. 🙂



    1. Yes, you’re very right! Writing really is a great outlet, and one that I need to make time for these days! And thank you very much–I love this skirt. It’s kind of my birthday/celebration skirt because it’s so much fun to spin around in 🙂


  3. Love you Devo! (In the event you need help appreciating the re-discovery process, I have some notebooks from our high school days that will make you SO GLAD that you’ve changed a bit since then… haha)


  4. I really like that skirt, and the garland of lights and cobblestones are so picturesque. I’m so shy about taking pictures of myself in public, how do you do it?


    1. Thank you! I’d been dying to take pictures there for so long. You know, the thing that really helps me take photos in public is thinking of it as a job. A lot of the time, I feel silly mugging at the camera, but I try to focus on the task, and that usually takes my mind off the people around me. I hope that might help you!

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