Digs I Dig: Victorian Is Mine!

As I write this post, it’s storming something fierce outside.  There’s a flash flood warning blaring on my phone, and poor Moxie is hiding under the kitchen table.  What a welcome respite, then, to peek into this beautifully decorated Victorian home!

I love the shades of blue that pervade much of the house–blue calms me down immensely.  I’m also a big fan of the space in here, because sometimes people who love antiques can get a little carried away with the decor.  Not so with this couple, who have maintained a nice flow throughout the rooms.

I’m really drawn to this bedroom, probably because it’s so open, like my own.  In fact, the atmosphere of this house reminds me a lot of the way I’ve styled my apartment, which is rather spare with muted tones for the walls but with antiques, books, and souvenirs to give the place a bit of personality.



2 thoughts on “Digs I Dig: Victorian Is Mine!

    1. It’s definitely in the works. I still have a bunch of art that I’ve been too lazy to hang up, but hopefully I’ll get to it soon!


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