Outfit: No One Around

About a month ago, I started living alone for the first time in my life.  I quickly learned that there are many perks to this arrangement, including waking/sleeping whenever I so desire, cleaning at my discretion, and, perhaps most importantly, not needing to be dressed.

I spend quite a lot of time in my apartment in various states of undress, which is exactly why I wanted to do an extravagant post like this one.  I had been perusing my dresses and realized I’d already worn most of them for a post (sometimes more), until I came to this breathtaking, 1920s-style salmon gown.

Ten years ago, for a high school dance, I bought this dress for about $60 at the local Charlotte Russe.  Can you believe it?  That store is the very last place I’d ever think to purchase something like this.

Since that dance, I’ve worn it as many times as possible, most notably for the Yule Ball my Quidditch team hosted during college.  In those ten years, the dress has survived remarkably well.  No holes, no missing beads, just a few little stains here and there that can easily be removed at the cleaners’.

I wanted to do something special for the dress that had already done so much for me, so I shot at a nearby mansion.  It’s normally in use for weddings, but I went during a weekday so I could make full use of the decorative gardens.  Even though I clearly need to learn how to use light, I’m still very happy with how the pictures turned out.  It felt almost like a fairy tale to take them!

What is the most beloved item of clothing you own?

Earrings: old, ModCloth

Dress: old, Charlotte Russe

Shoes: old, Seychelles


6 thoughts on “Outfit: No One Around

  1. OMG! Devinne! This pics are so stunning!
    You look a million in that dress! The dress is gorgeous. I love the 20’s vibe it has got with its beautiful beading and the shape is sooo lovely. I can’t believe you’ve been to a Yule Ball! I want to go to a Yule Ball! How much fun! That Quidditch team of yours sounds sooo awesome!
    And wow, most beloved item of clothing, that’s a tough question. I do have a beautiful party dress from ModCloth that I’ve never worn, but I love to pieces. Saving it for a special occasion 😛 Or maybe I’ll just do like you and wear it to a beautiful mansion!
    Lovely post darling!


    1. Thank you very very very much! I can hardly believe this dress has made it so long, but I would love it if I had it the rest of my life. And yep, we had a Yule Ball when I was the president of the Quidditch team! It was truly magical. Tons of lights everywhere, great music, the most wonderful people. Gosh, I miss those days. I wish there was a Yule Ball to go to this winter! By the way, I hope you take lots of pictures when you wear that party dress–I’d be so excited to see it!


  2. Agree with Mona, these pictures are really stunning, you’re so good at posing for pictures! I’m loving the 20s vibe from the dress. It’s funny how you can find amazing things at stores like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 when you least expect it! Hmm my most cherished piece of clothing (well besides my wedding dress but generally you can’t wear that more than once or people think you’re nuts)… it would have to be an old dress from ModCloth that has a tulle skirt in various shades of pastel pink, yellow, and blue. I haven’t worn it in ages though!


    1. Thank you very much! I actually almost went all black and white for these pictures to play up that old timey feel, but I ended up keeping them as they are because that garden was just bursting with color! I would love to see your ModCloth dress in a post one day–it sounds really cute!


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