On Uggie

WARNING: This post contains sad dog-related content. (Not about Moxie.)

I don’t much feel like writing an outfit post right now.  I found out today that Uggie the dog passed away.  My mom texted me while I was driving, and when I read the message (while I was parked!), I just started bawling.

You’ve probably picked up that dogs are pretty much the only thing I care about in life.  I’m one of those people who can’t watch a movie or read a book if I know the dog is going to die.  When I was young and reading the Little House on the Prairie books for the first time, I broke down when Jack didn’t wake up that one morning.  (Never mind the fact that he turned out to be fictional.  It still felt real.)

The dogs I’ve had have always been more than pets.  Nothing you do will ever make them stop loving you, and they are there for every moment, good and bad.  They are a source of constant comfort and companionship.

A few years ago, I saw The Artist, and I fell for Uggie instantly.  I hardly paid attention to the rest of the movie.  I hear it’s good, but I’m afraid that pup stole the show.  Not long after, Uggie “wrote” a book and was touring the country.  He happened to stop at the book store where I was working, and I got to meet him.

Uggie was such a darling.  He sat nicely and posed with us, and that’s how I got this picture with him.  I couldn’t believe I got to meet that sweet, smart little fuzzball, and it made me love him that much more.

I know I only met him once, but his death has hit me hard.  His talents, his adorableness–it’s all gone now.  I won’t see him in any more new movies or commercials, and I’ll never get to meet him again.

I can only imagine what his human is going through right now.  When we had to put my childhood dog, Mo, to sleep, I don’t think any of us ever fully got over it.  Like I mentioned above, dogs have a way of completely enmeshing their lives with ours.  The grief that accompanies the loss of a dog is truly profound.  I hope Uggie’s human can find some comfort in the memories he’s had of him.


2 thoughts on “On Uggie

  1. Aw, this is heartbreaking. I didn’t know Uggie but this makes me teary eyed. Our four-legged friends have a way of working their way into our hearts and staying there forever. Uggie sounds like he was an incredible dog. I am so sorry!

    I can also relate to not watching movies where the dog dies. (Marley and Me – not a chance, and I Am Legend haunts my dreams because the dog dies, not because of the zombies.)

    This post was a nice way to remember, Uggie. I am sure his human would appreciate it very much.


    1. Thank you. I felt kind of silly about being so upset since I only met Uggie once, but you’re right, those little guys just nestle right in your heart. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets upset about fictional dogs dying. If you’re ever unsure about the dog’s fate, check out doesthedogdie.com. That’s my new go-to!


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