Closet Raid: Ashleigh F.

Back when I was in college (has it really been three years already?) I was a huge Tumblr nerd.  I was on that site all day, every day, just drooling over all kinds of kitsch and Doctor Who gifs.  Not many users stand out in my memories of that time, but there are one or two who had some outstanding content.  This includes the aloof Ashleigh F., whose outfits I had always admired on Lookbook.  I think she had a falling out with LB, and after that, her outfit posts ceased.  I remember being pretty sad when that happened, because I never failed to find huge fonts of inspiration in her style.  All of her looks were super feminine, simple, airy, light, and classic.  I could never grow tired of the combinations she came up with.  In fact, I distinctly recall buying several of the exact pieces she had.  A few of them are still somewhere in my closet.


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