Girl About Town: Brookfield Zoo

Last week, my parents kindly took me to the zoo so I could snap a few pictures, and, more importantly, have some dinner.  Something you should know about my family is that dining is the most significant aspect of any excursion.  Many times, we may go someplace not for its intended purpose, but to sit down and eat.  Such is the case with Brookfield Zoo, a magnificent park that houses some 450 species of animals.  My parents have long held a membership with them, which they use mainly to grab a bite once a week and maybe look at one or two exhibits.

That’s why there aren’t so many pictures.  We spent most of our time that evening eating hamburgers, sharing fries, and contemplating getting a cup of Dippin’ Dots.  I did, however, manage to get a few shots of the new baby zebra (only two weeks old!) and some of the grounds.  This was another good learning experience, because I realized I’m not so great at taking wide, long-view shots.  For this reason (among many others), I’m going to start looking into taking photography classes nearby.  It’s one thing to learn on my own, but I think it’s time I had a professional teach me the ropes!


3 thoughts on “Girl About Town: Brookfield Zoo

  1. Oooh the baby zebra is so cute! For the record, I think your photos look great! But I hear you, I’ve been looking into photography classes myself. It’s not fair to my camera how little of its capabilities I use. 🙂



  2. Aw, the baby zebra is so cute. Your photos look pretty good to me! I feel like I should probably also take a photography course; I have a DSLR and mess around with it a lot, but I would definitely benefit from a class or two!


    1. I’ve started looking at classes in the area, and I think I might even go for a photography certificate. Let me know if you end up taking classes!


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