Outfit Lite: Love You For Free

I was playing around with my camera in the apartment the other day and decided to post some of the pictures.  Of course Moxie had to make an appearance! I often think about incorporating her into my shoots, but as you can tell, she’s not a terribly good listener.  She does a much better job when she’s the star of the show.


7 thoughts on “Outfit Lite: Love You For Free

  1. That dress is so beautiful! What beautiful print/embossing it has, hope to see more of it. You look gorgeous in it! These are very pretty pictures! I love how the light is hitting you from one side – really gives it a nice touch.
    Much love!


  2. The play on lighting in these pictures is great for make the black lace pop out in your gorgeous dress! And of course your fur-babe is adorable 🙂


    1. Thank you very much! At first I was actually a bit annoyed with the lighting, but after a few minutes of taking pictures, I’m glad I ended up embracing it!


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