Outfit: A Real Live Wire

In one more measly week, Moxie and I will be headed to our new home.  I’ve bought/gathered/foraged all of the things we need, and all that’s left to do is pack up a few more boxes.  I can’t wait to start unpacking again and furnish my own apartment exactly the way I want it!  Hopefully, all the new things I’ve gotten will fit in my tiny studio, but I suppose a little carefully-placed clutter will give the place some character.

Of course, with all this excitement comes a fair bit of stress.  I think I’ve already mentioned that part of the reason I’m moving is because I don’t particularly like living in the suburbs, but really, the true motive is that I can’t live with my roommates anymore.  We used to be friends, and now we’re not.  I won’t go into any detail, but suffice it to say that I feel really uncomfortable there.  The high-blood-pressure-and-nausea kind of uncomfortable.  I try to spend as little time there as possible, always bringing Moxie wherever I go.

But it’s only for one more week.  I have a little “advent calendar” at work to mark the time until I go.  Each day, I get to have a Kit-Kat, and that definitely helps.  My love for chocolate will always trump all other emotions.

Necklace: old, Forever 21

Top: Stitch Fix

Shorts: old, H&M

Shoes: ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth


5 thoughts on “Outfit: A Real Live Wire

  1. Gah, your photography is lovelier each time. I would love to see pictures of your apartment after you move in – I’m obsessively in love with houses and apartments, and I have special interest if they’re in chicago, which is where I’d love to live some day.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m excited to decorate my own place for the first time, so once I get settled in, I’ll take a few snaps!


  2. Good luck with your move! Totally understand about the roommate situation- I’ve been there and it’s no fun at all!
    I’d love if you would share some of your apartment!


    1. Thank you very much! I’m sorry you had to go through a rough time with your roommates, too. 😦 Once I get settled into my new apartment, a few photos are definitely in the cards.


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