Outfit: Stomping Our Feet on the Wooden Boards

I first visited this antebellum farmhouse during the winter, back when it was practically buried in snowdrifts and I could hardly get close enough for pictures.  (You can see that post here.)  This time, I was in for a real treat, because I finally got to sidle up to that pretty green-and-white porch.  Sure, there were plenty of bugs flying in my face and up my skirt.  Sure, I was scared of getting caught trespassing.  But you know what?  I had so much fun at this house.  It kind of reminds me of the song “Hotel Yorba” by the White Stripes, which goes like this, “It’s got a dirty old road leading up to the house / I wonder how long it will take / ’til we’re alone, sitting on the front porch of that home / stomping our feet on the wooden boards.”

And, of course, it brings me back to my time as a volunteer at Naper Settlement, where I used to give tours of a house-turned-post-office, in a building very similar to this one.  I didn’t really get into volunteering so I could show people around; no, I just liked getting to learn the history of an old building and then being set loose to explore all the antiques and architecture inside.  Of course, that’s not entirely true–I did love talking to guests who were genuinely interested in discussing the old days–but in general, I liked being alone with the stories of days past.

Sunglasses: ModCloth

Tank: old, Gap

Skirt: vintage

Shoes: old, ModCloth


3 thoughts on “Outfit: Stomping Our Feet on the Wooden Boards

  1. I love your shoes! Those are so cool, and what a great location for photos. I love old buildings and homes…there is just something magical about them. 🙂


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