Outfit: Rainy Day in June

After a long weekend that included a beautiful Michigan wedding for my cousin and traipsing around Chicago with a handsome Australian, I needed a quiet Monday.  Thankfully, Moxie was so pooped from her two-night stay at daycare that she actually let me sleep in.  No growling at birds.  No walking on my hair.  Just sleeping.

When I finally awoke from my blessedly extended beauty rest, I had hardly anything to do besides dress up, take these photos, and take my sweet time editing them.  I never thought I’d be as interested in editing as I am now!  Every time I take pictures, I seem to find something new to try.  This time, I wanted to give these photos a more vintage, film-like style, which meant I got to play around with the tone curve in LightRoom for the first time.  By adjusting it a certain way, it makes all the black in a photo look matte, which mimics the way it would look on film.  I tried doing this without sacrificing too much of the vibrancy of the rest of the colors, but I think it’ll take some more tweaking before I’ve got this down perfectly.

I’m disappointed with the way this dress looks here.  In person, I thought it looked cute on me, but seeing it in these pictures makes it seem a bit shapeless.  I should have listened to my tailor and had it taken in at the waist!  Since the dress was on sale when I bought it, I may as well pay the balance in getting it to fit right.

Dress: old, Emily & Fin

Shoes: old, TopShop

Clutch: ModCloth

Earrings: old, ModCloth

Necklace: vintage


4 thoughts on “Outfit: Rainy Day in June

  1. I think the dress looks good! It could be more fitted but you look nice in it! Sounds like you’ve been a busy gal 😉 Good to get some rest. You look fantastic in these photos, and your hair is so nice like that. Tutorial!!
    Pretty as always ❤


    1. Thank you so much! When I have a little extra time to spare, I’m definitely planning on doing a few hair tutorials!


  2. Can I have favourites? I feel like this is my favourite blog post you’ve ever done. I think the dress looks amazing.
    When I get settings in Lightroom rights, I save them as a preset so I can use them later too.


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