Outfit: Gonna Be On My Way

Dresses have this mind-boggling reputation for being a dress-up item, which I find odd because they’re really the laziest piece of clothing you could put on.  What could possibly be more simple than throwing something over your head and calling it a day?  Now that summer appears to be sticking around for a little bit, I can’t bring myself to wear anything else.

This particular one is a little older, but I love how fairy-like it makes me feel.  It’s so light that the overskirt drifts along the slightest breath of air.  Very sylvan, no?

I’ve taken so many pictures at the mill, but I never seem to run out of different backdrops over there!  This bridge across Salt Creek felt perfect for the day, although I have to admit that I wish it looked a little more…rustic.  Perhaps stone?  Perhaps with a troll lurking underneath?

Maybe when I move, there’ll be one like that.

Necklace: old, Forever 21

Dress: old, ModCloth

Watch: Olivia Burton

Shoes: old, ModCloth

Bag: old, ModCloth


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