Digs I Dig: 1850s Church/2010s Home

You should probably know that I’m crazy about everything old-timey.  My first job was as a copywriter for an antiques store, and I’ve spent a few summers volunteering as a guide in an 1830s post office and an antebellum family home.  This house speaks to me.  I love the idea of converting a building with so much history into a livable space.  It keeps that place’s narrative alive, much like incorporating a vintage dress into your wardrobe or adding antique furniture to your home.

There’s so much light in this home!  Spaces with so much natural light make me happy just to look at them–maybe it’s the prospect of so much vitamin D streaming in through the windows.  I also love interiors where the decorations and ephemera and collections are harmoniously organized, like that red gallery wall in the dining room.  A little well-chosen clutter is an A+ in my book.

Check out more photos here.


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