Outfit: Paris is Burning

My original plan was to wear a brand new outfit–a breezy sleeveless top and linen shorts.  Unfortunately, the weather barely broke out of the 40s on the day I took these pictures, so I had to drum up a Plan B.

When I picked out this outfit, I actually wanted to make it a little cartoony–a pair of mint sunglasses just came in mail, and I’m always looking for an excuse to use my Jump from Paper bag–but while I was taking Moxie for a walk downtown, I caught my reflection in the shop windows and thought the coat and the hairstyle had a sort of vintage wartime thing going on, so I decided that what this outfit really needed was a bright Red Baron-esque scarf.

I went back to the mill–yet again–but this time, I set up camp at the trail’s education center.  It’s housed in a Tudor-style lodge built in the ’30s, and it just felt like the perfect setting.  If I look a little less hyper-cheerful than usual, it’s because I had St. Vincent’s “Paris is Burning” stuck in my head.  An excellent tune for the theme.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot, and for the first time in a long while, I felt a little sexy.  That being said, I do think Moxie stole the show.  Red’s her color.

Jacket: old, ModCloth

Scarf: handmade

Sweater: old, Old Navy

Shorts: old, H&M

Socks: old, Forever 21

Shoes: old, Topshop


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