Outfit: May, She Will Stay

I never had much of an interest in getting behind a camera, but I knew I’d have to learn a few things if I wanted to produce some halfway decent outfit pictures.  I wish you could see some of the truly crappy Instagram photos I took last year, when Breve e Dolce was just a twinkle in my eye!  They were, without exception, unforgivably grainy, poorly lit, and hopelessly askew.

I’m not saying that those problems never happen anymore, but this week I felt like I started to get a handle on editing.  The photos for this post were a little experimental, but I think I’ve pinned down how I want to continue from now on.

I like to use Finding Femme’s preset (link) as a base.  The purpose of this particular preset is to play with the temperature and tint to make the colors pop, and there are also adjustments to everything else, like the exposure, contrast, etc.  I prefer my pictures to have the same temperature as how they were shot, so I tend to bring that value back to 0.  Then I bump up the exposure a little and crank up the contrast.  Changing the contrast was a major breakthrough in my world.  It makes everything look like a slightly better version of itself, as if we were living in some kind of color utopia.

As I continue to work on my skills, I hope that I bump into more of these watershed moments!

Purse: ModCloth

Sweater: old, Peppercorn

Sleeveless top: ModCloth

Jeans: Gap

Shoes: ModCloth


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