Pretty Please: Loquet London

loquet londonRight now, I am devastatingly obsessed with these gorgeous lockets by Loquet London.  Each one is customizable–these gold-and-crystal beauties can be filled with any charm your heart desires.  loquet london 2

loquet london 3

They’re so simple, but they’re exquisitely elegant.  If I had one of these, I am certain I’d wear it all the time.  The only question is: what would I get?  (Okay, money is also part of the question, but let’s pretend I can drop $2000.)

Part of me would love a Zelda-inspired pendant, with emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.  On the other hand, I do fall for anything dog-related, so maybe a paw print?  Not that I don’t already have one tattooed to my thigh or anything…

In any case, I’m certain that if I had one, I’d definitely be jonesing for another, and another, and another.


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