Outfit: Sticking My Neck Out


In keeping with my love for all things historical, I volunteer every summer giving building tours at an “outdoor history museum.”  I try to do something different each year, so that means I always train in a different building when the new season rolls around.  I’ve given tours at the home of a wealthy pre-Civil War lawyer, at an 1830s post office, and now, I’ll be showing people the ins and outs of an 1890s print shop.

I spent my entire afternoon learning the origins of upper and lowercase, what to do when letters run out and you have a deadline to meet, how to set type and put it onto a steam-powered press, and how not to lose digits to the machinery.  Interesting stuff, especially since tomorrow I start my job as a layout artist, which means I will be preparing pages to print in my company’s catalog.

So speaking of printing, how ’bout the print on this sweater?  I’m crazy about it–those sleeves!  It often takes people a minute or two to realize they’re giraffes, and I love it for that.  Underneath is another of those staple pieces I’d be lost without–my paper-thin, sleeveless button-down with the spiked collar.  I wouldn’t give it up for a million; that’s how much I adore it.  It’s a subtle piece, just the most perfect finishing touch.  It makes me feel so polished.

Although I suppose if I had a million dollars, I could just buy more of them…

Sweater: ModCloth, old

Amazing awesome button-down that I love: Urban Outfitters, old

Earrings: gift

Skirt: extremely old (we’re talking fifth grade)

Socks: ModCloth, old

Shoes: Urban Outfitters


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