Outfit: What Does the Mox Say?


Because I’m a suburbanite (for now), I am a driver.  As such, my ability to do things in the city is severely limited by where I can park.  That translated into a fruitless attempt to go antiquing in Roscoe Village this afternoon, where every street is caked in muddy ice and icy mud.

So whatever.  At least I was able to squeeze in a brisk walk with Miss M. and transform my room to take these pictures today.  Hopefully you’ll notice my autographed St. Vincent poster.  (Annie Clark and I are best buds.  It’s true.)

I spent a lot of time last night playing around with this outfit.  Tights or not?  Flats or platforms?  Most importantly, belt or no belt?

See, I really wanted to make use of this sweet little vintage sundress I just bought.  I can’t wait to show off the rest of it when the weather finally warms up, because it has the most darling shape.  I feel like a nymph in it, and when the time comes, I’m planning on wearing that dress without accessories.  Not even shoes.  It just feels so sylvan and perfect by itself.

Of course, in the winter time, thick tights and a cozy sweater (with an adorable sleeping fox!) are necessities.  They’re cute enough that I don’t mind putting them on.

Sweater: old, Old Navy

Dress: vintage

Tights: old, Forever 21

Shoes: old, Forever 21

Necklace: old, Forever 21


2 thoughts on “Outfit: What Does the Mox Say?

  1. Hi there, Breve!
    I found you through instagram, thanks for following me, by the way.
    I love your photography of this outfit and can’t wait to see the sundress as a whole! I think this final rendition is the best and you made the right final call. Also, those shoes are really cute!

    Nice to meet you!

    Alive as Always


    1. Wow, thank you so much for this very thoughtful comment! You have such a great, unique style, so I appreciate it all the more!


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