wpid-20141210_163352.jpgwpid-20141210_165515-1.jpgwpid-20141210_164033.jpgwpid-20141210_165107.jpgIt has not begun to feel a lot like Christmas (yet).  Maybe it’s the lack of snow, the undue amounts of stress I put myself under for no reason, or a combination of the two, but I’m just not in the spirit this year.  Yesterday I went to my mom’s house to decorate my parents’ tree, but my heart wasn’t in it.  Instead, we played disco music and dyed the ends of my hair pink.  (It didn’t make it through my shower this morning, but that’s okay.)

At least my outfit is kind of Christmas-y!  I had mostly given up on dresses for the season, but when I ran out of pants, I had to go crawling back to them.  This one is everything that is great in the world: a nice A-line, chambray, and polka dots.  It goes with everything, especially this happy little green cardigan/red scarf thing that’s going on.  Nothing makes me feel more cozy than that scarf and those tights.  Snug as a bug in a rug!

Scarf: old

Cardigan: Modcloth

Dress: Yumi

Tights: old

Shoes: F21


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