One of the things I was thinking about yesterday was the conflation of fashion and frivolity.  Newsflash: as a whole, people don’t take fashion seriously.  They call it being materialistic, or they say you could spend your time worrying about something more worthwhile.  In some ways, they certainly have a point: there are events and issues happening right now that really do deserve attention and solutions.  The thing is, why single out fashion?  What is it about clothing that gives it such a bad rap?

Fashion can go wrong in some ways, like any art, and I can’t deny that there are issues unique to it, like the potential for obsession with appearance.  However, having an interest in clothing is no less worthy than anything else.

In starting a style blog, I have seen how much work it takes, and in so many areas.  In order to cultivate it, you first have to have good taste–unique taste.  If you’re someone like me who doesn’t have a hot photographer boyfriend, you also have to learn to take your own pictures.  You have to write about what you wear and why and where you wore it.  You have to make yourself present on social media.

There is nothing frivolous about that.  It takes creativity, talent, and plenty of effort, and I hate the popular notion of the importance of style and of the people who care about it.

That being said, this is what I’ve had on my person the last few days:

Day 14Even if I’ve said it already, let me reiterate: I love stripes.  Did you know that horizontal stripes make you look thinner, not vertical ones?  Not that it’s important, but I find it interesting.  I learned it from a show called QI, which features the jolly wonderful Stephen Fry as a quizmaster for all kinds of bizarre and unusual facts.

Another thing I learned (not from QI, as it happens) is that stripes and florals are a lovely pair. I got those happy oxfords from Forever 21 quite some time ago for just a few bucks, and it was a stellar investment.  You might not think patterned oxfords are a closet staple, but in my case, they go with so much stuff.  Maybe it’s all the stripes I wear.

This is an outfit that emphasizes my legs, which I’ve doing a lot recently, but not intentionally.  The skirt is nicely round, and I cinched it with a thick black patent belt.  I don’t have much of a waist, so any help I can give myself is greatly appreciated.

There’s a new quilt on my bed, that cute thing with the birdcages on it.  I’ve never had a quilt before and didn’t realize how thin they are, so I’ve been snuggling up very warm these past few weeks as the weather takes a turn for the cooler.

Also, that book I’m reading?  It’s for an online class I’m taking through Yale.  Nothing fancy–it’s one of those courses where they have all the material online, so you can watch lectures and read the texts at your own pace.  And it’s for free!  I’m learning all about society in early modern England.

The next day, I came into work like this:

Day 15


I used to call this my magic dress.  I would wear it whenever I went on lunch dates with cute guys from work because it just makes everything look good.  It gives me hips, which are normally largely invisible.  After a while, I started wearing it for myself, because I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need no man.
At work, it’s very cold in the basement, so I had to cover up.  (Actually, covering up is a story for another day.)  Naturally, I picked this cardigan, which is the second one I’ve had in this color.  This one is on its last legs, too–all pilly under the arms, a little stretched out–but I love it because it’s a nice, close fit and it’s in the best color.
Because mustard needs a partner, I put on the red Seychelles, which are the comfiest heels I have.  They’re exactly what I need to dash out of the office, past all the construction, and into my car to let out the pup halfway through the day.
The dressing up continues during the weekend!
Day 16
I volunteer most weekends, giving tours of an 1830s post office and telling people about old timey money.  One of the first questions people ask me about it is if I dress up.  In period clothes?  No way.  That shit’s expensive.  I do, however, like to dress up in the pictured sense.  One of the volunteer coordinators even noticed and commented that he was impressed that I get dolled up all the time.
As you can see, tight skirt again.  This was a rare thrift store find: a skirt that is a) cute and b) fits me the way it should.  I love the way it comes up so high.  It’s actually cut lower in the waist in the back to make it more comfortable.
I think I’ve worn that shirt with this skirt almost every single time.  There is something about cobalt and electric yellow that drives me wild.  They place so nicely with each other.
Seychelles shoes (of course) and a new necklace.  I was worried it wouldn’t really go with anything, but that has turned out to be the beauty of it!  It’s ever so slightly off that it keeps things interesting and arresting.