Outfit: Hurry Down the Chimney

Outfit I don’t know if you guys can tell with my outfit, but these photos were shot with my brand new 50mm lens! I’d been lusting after one for the last few months, and I finally decided to go for it. When I first bought my DSLR back in the spring, I accompanied it with a decent 35mm lens.  I didn’t realize then that a 50mm is much better suited for style blogging, but boy, can I see the difference now. I don’t know much about cameras, but what I do know is that a 50mm makes the background a little blurrier than a 35mm, which means the subject is in sharper focus. It makes a lot of sense that most style bloggers are using 50mm lenses because it helps keep the outfit front and center, so to speak. Are any of you Book of Deer fans?  What’s your favorite collection…