This particular dress has always been kind of a challenge for me. It seems like it would be easy enough to style, but somehow I always manage to have some trouble knowing what to wear with it.

What color tights? Heels or flats?

These are not easy questions, but here are some of the ways I’ve begun to explore the answers:

Embroidered belt, wedges, and plaid tights

I’m not sure how I feel about this combo. I think I’d like it better without the hat and with a plain belt. This look seems to have too much going on.

modcloth red dress gray sandals

Fox scarf, embroidered belt, black tights, and boots

I like this look a little more, but I don’t love it.  I think it’s the fox scarf.  As cute as it is, it just looks a little…thrown on.

Leather purse, branch necklace, gray sandals

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And here’s the most pared-down look of them all–I think it’s the best out of the three.  It seems to me that even though this dress is fairly simple, the whole look should stay that way.

The next time I wear it, I think I’ll go with black wedges, black tights, a plain black belt, and some kind of stole or scarf.  Or maybe my new leather jacket!