When it comes to choosing an outfit to skin tone, most people will often focus on factors like their body shape or the parts of them that they feel are in the best condition.

Selecting colors for clothes is often focused on those that catch your eye or picking a color that flatters body shape, with the staple choice for most people being black or dark blue.

The art of color matching outfit to skin tone is one that not many people possess but getting it right has an immediate impact, from skin brightening to super slimming.

Opting for color schemes that compliment your skin tone doesn’t mean that you can’t still keep up with the latest color trends.

Skin Tone

Most en vogue fashion trends tend to focus on a broad color – ‘yellow’, ‘darks’ or ‘metallics’, for example, and within this there is plenty of room for variation to choose the shade that works for your skin tone. So how do you go about doing this?

Skin tone color schemes are generally broken down into seasons – so you will be either a winter, autumn, spring or summer person.

Winter people respond to cool tones, whereas spring people need warmer colors. Surprisingly, autumn people also do well with warm tones, whereas summer people respond to much cooler colors. Here are a few of the basics of making a color scheme work for you.


his tone usually suits those with Asian or African skin, as well as blonds with white blond hair and grey haired people with white accents.

Winter people will usually also have dark eyes. Rich colors work best for winter people in Rumah Dijual, so look out for deep jewel tones if you want to wear dark shades – emerald, sapphire etc – and keep the shades bold even in lighter colors.

Winter people should avoid any neutral colors as these don’t add anything and may leave you looking drained.


golden is the defining feature of the spring person, whether it is golden tones to the skin, golden hair or golden red hair.

Eyes are blue or green and skin is often freckled. Black and white don’t work that well for spring people, as your skin will respond best to anything with a golden tone, whether it’s a coral red, a peach or a golden yellow.

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summer people tend to have light eyes and either dark brown hair or a natural, but not golden, blond. Summer people should avoid bright, bold colors, which can be much too overwhelming.

Neutral shades of your favorite colors work best – pastels, grays, light blues will bring out all your natural coloring.


as you might expect, autumn people often have dark brown or red hair and golden brown or green eyes. The colors of nature in autumn work well here – think of the reds, oranges and golden browns as the leaves turn on the trees and stay away from the more summery colors such as pastels and blues.

Of course, we are all individuals and you may be more than one season – which actually means that you are lucky enough to have twice the number of tones to choose from! If you remain unconvinced by the seasonal approach to choosing colors for your wardrobe then the only thing to do is give it a go – you might be surprised by the instant results.