Remix: THE Black Shorts

Apart from my spiky-collared blouse, my favorite article of clothing is a humble pair of black denim shorts I bought for around $5 at H&M years and years ago.  They’re a little less black than they used to be, and they’ve loosened up in some odd places, but man, I look forward to these guys coming out of the wash like it’s Christmas Day.  I love wearing them all year long, but I have a soft spot in my heart for those colder days when I can wear my shorts with tights or some cute knee socks.  Here are some of the ways I’ve styled those ol’ reliables in the last year: What about you guys?  What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

Why I’m Disabling Comments

Disabling Comments Last week, I went on a short break from Mox and Socks, and it was a huge help.  Not only did I have a little more time to relax, but I had some time to think about what I want from this blog.  I think a lot of you know that I struggle with the stress that can come with blogging, and I decided that one way I can reduce that anxiety is by closing down the comments on my future posts. I really, truly, absolutely care about and appreciate the things you say to me whenever I post outfit pictures or tutorials or the like–it means the world that you like what I’m doing and care enough to tell me that. My personal blogging philosophy has, for a long time, included the conviction that I should always respond to and comment back on other people’s blogs.  Finding…