Outfit: Village Life

Village Life, Village Life, Lately I’ve become a huge fan of Mode and the City, an impossibly chic lifestyle and fashion blog based in France.  It’s run by a lovely young woman known only as Daphne, and while I can’t read what she writes. I can definitely admire her style! It’s exactly what I’ve always imagined Parisian style to be–simple, chic, perfectly tailored, and classic. I wanted to incorporate some of those design elements into my outfit today, but do it in the Mox and Socks way.  I can’t see Daphne wearing a fuzzy blue sweater covered in hearts (and dog hair…), but I certainly can envision her in cigarette jeans with a ribbon in her hair! Also See : Outfit: Old Town What are some of your favorite blogs?  I’d love to check them out! Coat: London Fog Blouse: thrifted Sweater: thrifted Jeans: Gap Shoes: old, Topshop Clutch: old, ModCloth

Outfit Remix: Three Ways to Wear a Red Dress

This particular dress has always been kind of a challenge for me. It seems like it would be easy enough to style, but somehow I always manage to have some trouble knowing what to wear with it. What color tights? Heels or flats? These are not easy questions, but here are some of the ways I’ve begun to explore the answers: Embroidered belt, wedges, and plaid tights I’m not sure how I feel about this combo. I think I’d like it better without the hat and with a plain belt. This look seems to have too much going on. Fox scarf, embroidered belt, black tights, and boots I like this look a little more, but I don’t love it.  I think it’s the fox scarf.  As cute as it is, it just looks a little…thrown on. Leather purse, branch necklace, gray sandals Also see : Teach Me: Simple Sock Bun And…

Outfit: Old Town

Now that I’ve been blogging for over a year, some things are starting to come full circle, and this shoot is a great example of that. First off, I’m wearing practically the same outfit as I did in October, just with a different sweater and a bun instead of a bowler on my head. Second, I’m back in the same place at the same time of year. My parents and I have an odd St. Patrick’s Day tradition: whenever the holiday rolls around, we make a trip up north and visit a little old village called Long Grove. It’s filled with historic buildings that are chock full of antiques and imported treasures and candies, and it’s a lovely place to spend an afternoon. There are some small Irish boutiques, and there’s usually a few Irish dancers jigging in the square, so that’s why we always go at this time of…