February 2018


Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Outfit Which Compliments Your Skin Tone

When it comes to choosing an outfit to skin tone, most people will often focus on factors like their body shape or the parts of them that they feel are in the best condition. Selecting colors for clothes is often focused on those that catch your eye or picking a color that flatters body shape, with the staple choice for most people being black or dark blue. The art of color matching outfit to skin tone is one that not many people possess but getting it right has an immediate impact, from skin brightening to super slimming. Opting for color schemes that compliment your skin tone doesn’t mean that you can’t still keep up with the latest color trends. Most en vogue fashion trends tend to focus on a broad color – ‘yellow’, ‘darks’ or ‘metallics’, for example, and within this there is plenty of room for variation to choose…